Monday, January 10, 2022

Our box and what was in it - Secret Paws 2021

 Secret Paws 2021!

Thank you so much to our friends, The Swiss Cats!  We got a fun box with lots of cool stuff from Pixie, Zorro and Mom Claire.  We had a lot of fun opening it and we love our presents and our box!

What is it, Mom?  Is it our Secret Paws present?

Sniff, sniff.  This smells good, Charlemagne!  I think we should open it.  

There's a card and a bag of goodies!  Even better, the bag makes noise!

Oh, look!  It's pictures of Pixie and Zorro - yay!

Look at all the cool packages, Tamar!  Let's get them open!

Oh, boy!  This one smells great!  

I love presents that smell good!

Mom!  Come on!  Help us open them, please!

What a cute little toy for us to play with!

I call dibs on the box, Charlemagne.  It's mine!

And treats!  They sent us treats!

And we got balls to play with, too!  There are so many goodies in here!

Crinkle toys!  Yay!

I got a pink one!

Hey - what's that, Charlemagne?

It sure smells good.  I think I'm going to hang onto this one!

Look at all of the great goodies!  Our Momma even got a cool pencil pouch with kitties on it!  

I told you I was claiming this one, Charlemagne.  It makes such a lovely pillow!  I had a really good snooze in front of the heat vent and the dishwasher.  

Thank you so much for our goodies, Pixie, Zorro and Mom Claire.  We love them.  Wishing you all a very Happy 2022!

Love, Charlemagne and Tamar

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Thank you so much to our Secret Paws - The Swiss Cats, Pixie and Zorro!

 Our Secret Paws present came a long, long way - all the way from Switzerland!  Thank you so much Pixie and Zorro (and Mom Claire) for all of the wonderful goodies!  We love them!

Do we finally get to open our box, Momma?  It smells interesting.

Look at all the presents!  There's a card - who's it from?

It's from Pixie and Zorro, the Swiss Cats!

What a nice card!  I like their hats.

Whoa - look at all of the packages!

Come on, Momma.  Can we pulease open them now? 

Oooooh - I love the crinkle ball!  They are so much fun!

Treats and a blanket!  Did someone say treats?  I want treats!

Yum, yum, yum!

Such good treats and the blanket is so soft!

A feather toy!  Yay!  I like playing with feather toys!

Tamar, I get a turn, too!  But I like the feather toys best!

No fair - I like them, too.  That's better - I want to sniff and play with it.

Oh, look!  A string toy - I'll get you - just wait!

My turn!  Hey - it smells good, too!

And there's even a nice calendar with pictures of Switzerland for Momma.  

What's this last one?  Oooh - a snowman!

Smells pretty good to me.  I like it!

Nope - I'm going to play with this one now.  You can have a turn later.

Pixie and Zorro and Mom Claire - we hope that you had a great Christmouse and that you have a Purry New Year!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Sending our Secret Paws

It has taken our silly Momma way too long to post this!  We sent our Secret Paws present last week and it should be safely arrived by now (we hope).  We kept trying to get into the presents like they were for us and we wouldn't leave them alone, so Momma had to put us in the other room so that we didn't sample the goodies.  She told us they were for our Secret Paws pals!  

 See?  There are so many nummy treats and cool toys - of course, we would want to play with it!

Hey look!  There are human treats, too.  

After Momma got everything wrapped, then she let us come back and look. 

"But Momma, everything is wrapped now!  I can't get into it.  That's no fun."

"Charlemagne, these are presents for our Secret Paws.  We aren't supposed to get into them.  You did a nice job wrapping them, Momma."

"Okay - quality control check is done.  The box is all ready to go, Momma."

It got mailed the next day and should already be to our Secret Paws.  We sure hope they like all of their goodies!

Meowy Christmouse, Purry New Year and Happy Howlidays!

Charlemagne and  Tamar

Monday, December 30, 2019

Thank you Secret Paws!

Charlemagne and Tamar here.  We want to thank our Secret Paws, Iza, Ayla and Marley, from Mark's Mews for all of the great goodies!  

We ended up opening our presents a bit later because Charlemagne got into trouble.  He broke into a present for one of our kitty friends and ate and entire bag of Temptations in one night.  Oops!  Momma was worried that he would be super sick and didn't want him to be tempted by anything else.  

On top of that, Momma's computer is pretty busted.  The screen does't work unless you are pushing on it with one hand and where you have to push changes all of the time.  It makes it hard for her to work on it.  

Here we are next to our box while we waited for Momma to open it:

Here's a nice note fro TBT and the kitties:

Charlemagne says, "Oooh - what's in the box?

Tamar:  "Hey!  I get to see, too!"

"Okay, we can both look."

Tamar:  "Yum!  Salmon treats!"

Charlemagne:  "oooh and a nice box to play in and chew on!"

Here's all of our super cool Christmouse loot!

Tamar:  "Hey, I'm liking this catnip!  Normally, I don't care about it, but this smells good!"

"I'm glad you are happy with yours,  Then you can stay away from mine!"

"You can stay away from mine, too!"

Charlemagne - really getting into the nip zone......

"Really good nip!"

"Hmmmmm.  Mine seems to have worn off,  Bummers!"

Thanks again for all of the goodies, Iza, Ayla, Marley and TBT!